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Eastwood Expander Wheel Belts

Eastwood Expander Wheel Kit is a soft natural rubber Expander Wheel conforms to slightly contoured pieces and leaves a bright smooth, uniform finish. The abrasive bands stay firmly in place because centrifugal force expands the rubber wheel. - Great at smoothing and leveling the surface, without gou ...
7” LED Headlight Black Reflector - LTPRTZ

The brand new LTPRTZ 7 LED Headlight with 8 x 10W CREE XML LEDs has high beam, low beam and parking light. Website https // ...
White Stitched Polishing and Buffing Mops

Stitched mops are for coarse buffing.Keep a separate mop for each compound. ...
POR15 Top Coat Chassis Coat Black

POR-15 Top Coat may be applied directly to a clean prepped metal surface but when used as a top coat over POR15 Rust Preventive Coating it provides the toughest, most permanent protection against rust and corrosion ever developed. It won t crack, chip or peel!. ...
POR15 GLOSS BLACK Rust Preventive Paint (473ml) US Pint

Whilst any paint will provide some degree of protection from rust for a while, no other is as permanent as POR-15. When others have chipped, scratched, flaked, and peeled, POR-15 will still be preventing rust. ...

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